Huy Ming Lim

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Huy Ming Lim is a data enthusiast with an intense curiosity and passion to make discoveries and impact lives through data-driven solutions and innovations. She currently serves as a Research and Data Specialist at United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), driving innovations and financial health projects in China and Malaysia. Prior to joining UNCDF, she was a data scientist and researcher at Ministry of Health Malaysia and was a key member of the project teams for the National Health Protection Scheme for the B40 Population (PeKa B40), Health Insurance Coverage Scheme for Foreign Workers (SPIKPA), Malaysian Health System Research (MHSR), Enhanced Primary Health Care (EnPHC) programme, Cost Function and Efficiency Analysis (CFEA) study, and Quality and Costs of Primary Care (QUALICO-PC) study, driving research, knowledge translation, and evidence-informed strategic decision making in the public and private sectors. Her career at Ministry of Health Malaysia also included a 6-month stint as the Perdana Fellow to the Minister of Health, through which she was engaged in the work at the highest levels of the Ministry of Health and the Federal Government of Malaysia. Her expertise ranges from public health, research, and scientific publishing to data science and computer programming, including mobile app development, database development, and user interface and user experience design.