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What is the Global Hub for Financial Health?

The Global Hub for Financial Health is a resource platform initiated under the I3 Program supported by MetLife Foundation that provides a space for the global community to disseminate learnings and insights around financial health to improve the financial wellbeing of the low- and middle-income communities. The hub hosts evidence, insights, best practices, tools and data around financial health including a variety of news and events. By creating opportunities for stakeholders to join forces online, we aim to develop a shared understanding of financial health and build a community of practice to advance that understanding globally.

The platform allows you to explore data, share expertise and ideas, exchange knowledge, build new networks, explore opportunities for collaboration, and drive ideation and content co-creation.


What content can you publish on the hub?

The hub publishes both original and pre-published content from individuals and organizations. The content must relate to financial health and wellbeing with a focus on improving the financial stability and resilience of those financially fragile. You can also submit information on upcoming events and highlight milestones and news from your organization. 

  • Research papers and insights
  • Blogs
  • Announcements and news articles
  • Events


How to submit content?

Please submit the content directly to


Collaborate with us:

If you want to conduct research on a specific aspect of financial health and well-being, share best practices, or have a blog idea, please contact us at: also collaborate with organizations to host events and webinars on this platform. We’d be delighted to collaborate with you!