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Our initiative seeks to advance the agenda of financial health globally and make a significant, positive impact on the financial lives of low- to moderate-income communities. To meet these objectives, strong and engaged partnerships are indispensable. We believe cooperation across institutions, sectors, countries and regions is essential to innovation and progress. Not only is it good for low-income communities but it is beneficial for both small and large businesses as well as governments. 

We welcome diverse partners including governments, financial institutions, donors and investors as well as other institutions/enablers.

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    Evidence Map

    About the evidence map

    This evidence map acts as a ready reference for development practitioners, policymakers and service provides to access available approaches, methods, research, and interventions in the realm of financial health. The evidence derives from and contributes to the global and regional dialogue and frameworks of financial health and its constituent elements.

    Evidence Map

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    Policymakers & Regulators

    For governments and public institutions, financial health is a key objective reflected in their broader mandates to ensure the safety, productivity and welfare of their citizens. A financial health lens is useful to formulate and enforce financial policies and regulations and drive public initiatives such as responsible financial education, customer protection, job security and social safety mechanisms that improve the financial health of individuals and communities.

    Financial Service Providers

    For financial institutions, fintechs and others developing financial solutions for customers, financial health is a fresh lens with which to examine people's needs and goals, and whether interventions are in fact improving their lives. This kind of approach has both a social and commercial benefit, allowing organizations to build more financially healthy customers, and as a result, the financial health of their institutions.

    Donors & Development Partners

    For the development community that has been focused on impacting customers' lives through financial inclusion or the provision of affordable financial services, the financial health approach can offer a larger and more comprehensive perspective to measure, create and sustain impact. A financial health lens is needed to revisit and recast our efforts with financial inclusion, and to understand what products, in what bundles and in what settings, contribute to the financial health of customers.