Financial Health of Gig Workers: Can We Do More

  • 28 October 2020

In the backdrop of Covid-19, how financially safe is it to be a worker in the gig economy? Are gig workers financially healthy? What financial behaviors do they demonstrate and what sorts of financial products and services do they use? How has Covid-19 impacted them and how did they cope? Why is it important for the financial sector to serve gig workers and what’s the business case in doing so? In this session, we answer these questions with UNCDF’s research studies in Malaysia(with platforms small and large and discuss what stakeholders could do to help gig workers develop financial security and resilience and ultimately financial freedom.

The session discusses these key findings from the report and debate the role stakeholders could play in improving the financial health of gig workers.


  • Audrey Misquith, Data and Insights Lead on Financial Health UNCDF
  • Sean Goh, Managing Director, Grab Malaysia
  • Farhan Hizami, Inter-Ministry Collaboration Manager, MDEC
  • Nurhisham Hussein, Chief Strategy Officer, EPF

Moderated by: Vincent Fong, Chief Editor, Fintech News Malaysia