Experts’ Talks: Camilla Nestor on Fintechs’ Challenges in Financial Inclusion (MyFintech Week ’19)

  • 9 November 2019

During MyFintech Week ‘19, UNCDF spoke with Camilla Nestor, CEO of Mix Market, on what challenges fintechs face in tackling financial inclusion, and how Mix Market is empowering citizens. Mix Market is an industry-leading data and intelligence platform for socially responsible investors focused on inclusive finance in emerging markets. MyFintech Week ’19 was hosted by Bank Negara Malaysia with UNCDF to bring together expert players from the financial and technology industries in exploring the opportunities and challenges in harnessing fintech innovations to shape the future of the financial services industry. There, UNCDF FinLab held the B40 Challenge ‘Demo Day’ where top candidates were chosen to pitch their fintech innovations to a panel of judges for a chance to work with UNCDF to bring their solutions to the market. Watch our highlights from MyFintech Week here and highlights from the demo day here.