Data & Insight

Data in all its shape and form is the foundation of all our work. It helps us identify barriers that keep people away from a financially healthy present and future. Through research, we explore and evaluate pathways to unlock people’s potential for a more resilient life. 

Data on financial health

Empirical evidence on financial health linkages with its drivers and outcomes must be generated to ensure that it becomes a strategic, policy, and regulatory tool for achieving key SDGs, a growing financial sector that is safe and sound, and crafting outcomes-oriented financial literacy and financial inclusion strategies.

In this regard, UNCDF is partnering with various stakeholders to make country-specific global financial health data more centralized and accessible for all. The global financial health dashboard will provide valuable data and insights on each country’s financial health as well as its enablers and outcomes. The end product will become a single-stop reference for monitoring global progress on financial health and making cross-country comparisons to identify areas of policy priority.

Research and Insights on Financial Health

We’ve seen that there is a need for demonstrated evidence on the benefits of financial health as a tool for evaluating and designing financial products, policies, and programs. Financial health data and evidence are needed to demonstrate that it provides relevant stakeholders—individuals, households, countries, and businesses—financial wellbeing insights that are additional to the existing macro- and-micro development and financial sector stability indicators (such as GDP/GNI per capita, household income and debt, financial soundness indicators, etc).

UNCDF’s Centre for Financial Health aims to gather and disseminate evidence on the role of financial health. Currently, the Centre’s main area of research is around topics:

The research dives into low- and moderate-income segments with a focus on gig workers, smallholder farmers, the elderly and women. Explore our resources.